Welcome to Laura's BBQ

Laura's BBQ Shack (named after Lloyd's wife Laura) is a mobile Texas style barbeque on wheels, Long Island BBQ, ready to make your party the best you've ever had! Choose from pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, ribs, and more! Lloyd Adams, Jr., is an entrepreneur and a great cook. But, then again, he was a great cook since he was a young boy. When he was only 5 years old, Lloyd made his family pancakes. . . . from scratch. And they loved them! A connoisseur of barbeque foods, Lloyd can tell the difference between just barbeque food and Texas style barbeque. A native Texan, Lloyd comes from a town where everyone knows your name and the favorite pastimes are baseball and barbeque parties! Long Island BBQ is a pastime of Long Islanders, and if you love barbeque food, especially Texas style BBQ, you will love Laura's! We now have smoked turkeys for the holidays, moist, tender and juicy! We also do pick up and delivery for smaller parties where our truck isn't needed.

Lloyd Tells Us How He & Laura Started Laura's BBQ Shack

I actually got the IDEA for Laura's BBQ SHACK from Laura's cousin Kim and her husband Vinny. They showed me a Fortune 500 Small Business article about this BBQ trailer. I had told them about a fellow Texan in my home town (Stephenville,Texas) who had a roadside stand cooking and selling BBQ to the public. He was open Thursday through Sunday back in the seventies. His son runs the business still to this very day. When in Texas, we always visit them for some GREAT BBQ. Thanks Jason! With our set up, we can actually bring the BBQ to YOUR own HOME! I've tried some of the BBQ in New York and could not find that GREAT TASTE and TENDERNESS from back home. Give us a try and YOU WILL NOT be disappointed!